November 17, 2011

Sometimes even so when in full love-bloom, your heart decides to remember the sadness and loneliness … decides to reinstate those feelings, decides to bring back to your emotional memory all that forgotten when in love … when dancing with butterflies, when you blush and smile for no visible reason.
Why? Who knows … and who cares really … it just happens. It could be the moon or irrational hormonal behavior, it could be a song; it could an old movie or a re-run of Sex and the City … it just happens.

It makes you wonder about everything you feel, is it real? It makes you wonder if you’re truly loved … it makes you wonder the real meaning of the word reciprocation …

And while wondering, more irrational behavior is trigged …. Oh lovely humans … who needs Internet and TV when we have each other? We’re indeed great deal of amusement … our minds fly sideways sometimes or all the time, and bring back doubt and emptiness ..

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