February 3, 2016

No fairy tale this time. Humanly timed, explored and lived. No fantasy … but I still want you.
Want you to be ordinary with me.
This time we will walk at the right pace, following the rhythm of our needs, the one that makes us giggle and dance.
Maybe we won’t make it far; maybe our walk will be short. But will be at our own pace … at that rhythm. Our rhythm. Not following anyone else’s notes …

Are we still following the same rhythm? How can I tell when I just started walking with you? how can I tell when you skip a step to dance and make me giggle … then you skip ten and make me wonder instead.  You are wholesome, not in any hurry to catch up with my fast pace fueled by insecurities and the desperate need of the fairy tale rush …

I’m sorry for pushing you, I’m sorry for rushing our walk … for not skipping a step to dance too …
Let’s start our walk again .. let me hold your hand and walk. As I reach for your hand this one is back to dancing, this time moving alone. Skipping so many steps and staring with the wondering look; not with the charming almost infatuated look that makes my ego giggle … but with the doubtful and somewhat distant look.

Let’s stop walking and dance then …. dance on our own for just one beat while thinking about our steps together; moving to the rhythm and twirling towards each other … again. I want that.

Not sorry for wanting that.

May 8, 2013

Random wisdom

Today was all about listening to a complete stranger describe how he lives his life, his theory on how we are all different people, think differently, act differently and have different standards. How only when we get to the moment on our lives when we can realize that, accept that and stop trying to change people ... only then we will be happy, only then we will be able to really live!

He also described love as any other business transaction ... One that requires for each involved  to be smart, recognize from the get-go what each part has to bring to the table, be realistically aware of compatibility in every way, be aware of the effect of the routine, avoid turning into ONLY life partners, remain lovers and enamored each other in every opportunity ... and the results will be nothing but profitable and endless love. 

Sometimes you just have to stop talking and listen to the numerous sounds of life itself ... 

June 25, 2012

Colorful Layers

The magical sense of an old public wall; Exposed to time itself and to all those spontaneous expressions of  anonymous pedestrians.

I found an amazing artist {Jill Ricci} today, thanks to Pinterest … here are a few of her pieces, they indeed keep me lingered trying to identify the hidden images and imaginatively reveal the layers … such an analogy of when you first meet someone, sometimes that feeling last for years of “knowing” the person…. I LOVE it {both her artwork and the feeling}!  

Find her work at: http://www.jillricci.com/wp/ 

November 17, 2011

Sometimes even so when in full love-bloom, your heart decides to remember the sadness and loneliness … decides to reinstate those feelings, decides to bring back to your emotional memory all that forgotten when in love … when dancing with butterflies, when you blush and smile for no visible reason.
Why? Who knows … and who cares really … it just happens. It could be the moon or irrational hormonal behavior, it could be a song; it could an old movie or a re-run of Sex and the City … it just happens.

It makes you wonder about everything you feel, is it real? It makes you wonder if you’re truly loved … it makes you wonder the real meaning of the word reciprocation …

And while wondering, more irrational behavior is trigged …. Oh lovely humans … who needs Internet and TV when we have each other? We’re indeed great deal of amusement … our minds fly sideways sometimes or all the time, and bring back doubt and emptiness ..

October 12, 2011

... Haunted Emptiness

As the sun rises,

like a zombie,

trapped in this dream

I watch life pass by;

I wandered alone,

fighting all that came in my way,

struggling to make sense of this war,
that does not seem to stop;

A shell of what i used to be,

I wear a mask to hide me from the vultures that prowl all around,
wanting something to chew on;

No emotion,

no pain and,

no happiness,

just a haunted emptiness;

Yelling and screaming,

hiding behind closed doors,

watching life pass by with my empty eyes;

Alone I sit,

in the grip of darkness,

as the arms of silence slowly engulf me,

a strange numbness takes over me.. 

"Numb By: Praveen"

August 1, 2011

Life is better with a mustache!!!!

I've always found the mustache trend a happy fun silly way to make people laugh .... since Mondays have always been nothing but a 24-hour hell for me ... here are some mustache fun!!! 

Bright future indeed ...

 ... Mustache inception ... AWESOME!

words of wisdom 

Perfect balance .... The universe ... The mustache .... 

Mr. Bigote!!! 

Real commitment 

My ultimate favoriteeeeeeee .... 
ahhhhh so inspireeeed ... 

Mustache doesn't discriminate ... 

so meeeeee .... 

Actually this one is more ... me!  

J'adore le moustache ;) 

Couldn't say it better .... 

Instant mustache! 

Sweet mustache ... 

Refreshing .... 



The streets are talking ... 

July 12, 2011

Latidos del Corazon ...

“Lo he visto en tus ojos, lo he sentido en tus brazos, lo dicen los latidos del Corazon, pero lo ocultan tus labios. Tu silencio es mi fiel inc√≥gnita, mi sutil desvelo… mi constante interrogante … mi emancipado anhelo”

… just another fragment of a future project