February 3, 2016

No fairy tale this time. Humanly timed, explored and lived. No fantasy … but I still want you.
Want you to be ordinary with me.
This time we will walk at the right pace, following the rhythm of our needs, the one that makes us giggle and dance.
Maybe we won’t make it far; maybe our walk will be short. But will be at our own pace … at that rhythm. Our rhythm. Not following anyone else’s notes …

Are we still following the same rhythm? How can I tell when I just started walking with you? how can I tell when you skip a step to dance and make me giggle … then you skip ten and make me wonder instead.  You are wholesome, not in any hurry to catch up with my fast pace fueled by insecurities and the desperate need of the fairy tale rush …

I’m sorry for pushing you, I’m sorry for rushing our walk … for not skipping a step to dance too …
Let’s start our walk again .. let me hold your hand and walk. As I reach for your hand this one is back to dancing, this time moving alone. Skipping so many steps and staring with the wondering look; not with the charming almost infatuated look that makes my ego giggle … but with the doubtful and somewhat distant look.

Let’s stop walking and dance then …. dance on our own for just one beat while thinking about our steps together; moving to the rhythm and twirling towards each other … again. I want that.

Not sorry for wanting that.

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