May 8, 2013

Random wisdom

Today was all about listening to a complete stranger describe how he lives his life, his theory on how we are all different people, think differently, act differently and have different standards. How only when we get to the moment on our lives when we can realize that, accept that and stop trying to change people ... only then we will be happy, only then we will be able to really live!

He also described love as any other business transaction ... One that requires for each involved  to be smart, recognize from the get-go what each part has to bring to the table, be realistically aware of compatibility in every way, be aware of the effect of the routine, avoid turning into ONLY life partners, remain lovers and enamored each other in every opportunity ... and the results will be nothing but profitable and endless love. 

Sometimes you just have to stop talking and listen to the numerous sounds of life itself ... 

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